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sim man 3g prep - ASSESSMENT TECHNIQUES Physical...

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ASSESSMENT TECHNIQUES Physical Examination Inspection - Concentrated watching - Make sure room is comfy temp - Good lighting - Occasionally requires use of certain instruments - Completely expose body part to be inspected - NOTE: color, patterns, size, location, consistency, symmetry, movement, behavior, odors, or sound Palpation - Texture, temp, moisture, mobility, consistency, strength of pulse, size, shape, tenderness - Light, deep, bimanual - Light o Place dominant hand lightly on surface o Little or no depression (<1cm) o Feel surface structure in a circular motion o Use to feel for pulses, tenderness, temperature, surface skin texture, and moisture - Deep o Place dominant hand on skin surface and nondominant hand on to of your dominant hand to apply intermittent pressure Sense of touch becomes blunted with heavy or continuous pressure o Depress skin surface between 2.5 and 5cm (1-2 inches) Used to feel very deep organs/structure covered by thick muscle - Bimanual Palpation o Use two hands, place one on each side of the body part (uterus, spleen, breast, kidneys) being palpated o Use one hand to apply pressure and the other hand to feel the structure Envelope or capture the body part/organ o Note size, shape, consistency, and mobility of structures Percussion - Involves tapping body parts with short, sharp strokes to produce sound waves - Sound waves or vibrations enable the examiner to assess underlying structures - Eliciting pain, determining location and size, determining density, detecting abnormal masses, eliciting deep tendon reflexes - Direct (immediate) o Direct tapping of the body part with two fingers to elicit possible tenderness - Indirect (mediate)
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o Most commonly used method o
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