theo 251 midterm study guide

theo 251 midterm study guide - Eschatology: the study of...

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Eschatology : the study of the end of time. - At the Jesus seminar they claimed that the Gospel writers made it up to excuse the fact that Jesus had not yet returned again and perfected everything. - Wright disagreed and claimed that all of the apocalyptic language in the Bible was true - Gospels have apocalyptic language - Schweitzer and Wright believe in eschatology and what Jesus said about this was true. We must believe because eschatology is the basis of everything else Quest for the Historical Jesus - 1 st : 18 th and 19 th century Reimarus was the beginning of the quest for historical Jesus - Said Jesus was a normal guy - Became popular by saying that Jesus’ followers were delusional and convinced people that he performed miracles - Fundamentalism: biblical literalism Albert Schweitzer : You cannot separate the Christ of Faith and the Jesus of History (because everyone is biased and turns Jesus into a version for themselves) - didn’t look at writings of Jesus’ life - wondered what it would have been like to know him - 2 nd : “no quest,” all they did was talk about Jesus but did not use any text for evidence - 3 rd : 1980 going back to Jewish roots - N.T. Wright wrote about Schweitzer’s ideas in the book Election of Israel Soma pneumakton / psychon (1 Corinthians 15) - Soma = body - Pnuema = spirit - Psyche = soul - Sarx = flesh - Hebrews believed soul, body and spirit are all separate Gnosticism - Diverse, syncretistic religious movements in antiquity consisting of
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theo 251 midterm study guide - Eschatology: the study of...

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