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phys- cns notes - CNS -Brain & Spinal cord...

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(brain=cerebral cortex, brainstem, and cerebellum) -Gray matter = where neurons are found -Nuclei - bundles of aggregated gray matter -Tracts - axons aggregate and form -White matter - surrounded by myelin sheath (fat) Brain and spinal cord covered my MEINGES : 1. dura mater - top, "tough mother" -covers all CNS 2. arachnoid mater- web like connections -sent connections to inside Cerebrospinal fluid - brain floats in aqueous fluid under the arachnoid mater -cushion in subarachnoid space 3. pia mater- inner, covers surface of brain infected: meningitus Cerebral Cortex: -Gyri = hills -Sulci = valleys Spinal Cord Divisions: 1. Dorsal Horn -sensory -receives axons from nerves and dorsal root ganglion *receiving of afferent fibers 2. Ventral Horn - motor -sends axons into nerves to innervate skeletal muscle 3. Lateral Horn - autonomic -for later Imaging Techniques: *all ways to look at the brain 1. EEG 2. fmRI 3. MEG 4. PET 5. SPECT 6. CT Embryonic Development: -Neural tube - forms groove in ectoderm (skin) by 20th day
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phys- cns notes - CNS -Brain & Spinal cord...

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