phys- female reproductive

phys- female reproductive - Estrogen-stimulate growth of...

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Female Reproductive -hypothalmus-controls-pituitary gland-controls-ovary -5 major hormones *most growth hormone *hormones change because of ovarian function (puberty, menstruation, menopause) *major feedback is negative, but estrogen can be positive & negative feedback -inhibin: protein from ovary that controls FSH production cholesterol brought to ovaries cells in ovary 1. thecal *make male hormones and go to the granulosa cells to make female sex hormones 2. granulosa *aromatase= enzyme that converts male hormones into female (only in granulosa) LH -stimulates follicular growth -simulates androgen formation (thecal cells) -stimulates follicular rupture - luteotropic effect (increase E and P production) FSH -stimulates follicular growth= major role -stimulates conversion of androgens to estrogens -synergize with E. ...
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Unformatted text preview: Estrogen-stimulate growth of uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina, endometrium, and mammary gland ducts *set reproductive tract up for success Progestins-produce the secretory endometrium necessary for implantation of the blastocyst-increases body temp. Androgens-increase pubic & axillary hair-increase bone formation *precursors for estrogen-increase libido (less carcinogenic/ brain turns into female hormones in post menopausal women) menopause= exhaustion of ovary *failure to have a menstrual cycle for 8 consecutive months and FSH increases about 10 times Uterine Cycle proliferative phase-estrogen rises and stimulates GnRH release and the LH surge at end of follicular phase luteal phase 1. 2. estrogen 3. protein hormone inhibit from ovary doesnt have eromatase? enzyme male sex hormones 6. gluteal 7. follicules are called forward - estrogen drives this forward 8. fool hypotahmus (- to + feedback) no negative feedback...
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phys- female reproductive - Estrogen-stimulate growth of...

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