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phys- male reprod. - *adrenal glands*appearance of adrenal...

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1. Where are the FSH receptors in the testes? *sertoli cells- make proteins for sperm (androgen-binding protein) 2. What does LH do in the testes? *located in leydig cells- produce hormones (testosterone) *testosterone is necessary for development of sperm 3. Why to men have estrogens? *because they have enzyme aromatase *estrogen can exert negative feedback, bone strength 4. What does inhibin do in males? *feedback to affect FSH-FSH increases sertoli- increases sperm 5. Where do testosterone and dihydrotestosterone exert their negative feedback effects? *testosterone?? *dihy= brain 6. What is the source of the androgens that cause Adrenarche?
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Unformatted text preview: *adrenal glands *appearance of adrenal androgens dehydroepiandrosterone and adrostenedione (exert negative feedback on LH and FSH and therefore, testosterone) 7. What process initiates puberty in males? *increased pulsatile GnRH release into the Hypophysial portal vessels causing nocturnal pulses of LH and FSH **cholesterol is the beginning point for all steroid synthesis **all male sex hormones can be turned into female sex hormones-testosterone--aromatase--estradiol *LH stimulates cholesterol *FSH activates binding protein, activates genes of sperm, *early onset of puberty in both sex= adrenal gland ( low level)...
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