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phys-ANS notes - Beta 2 receptors-activated= relaxations...

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Regulated by ANS : 1. pupil * circular muscle -dialates - post ganglionic parasympathetic -causes myosis *radial muscle - post ganglionic sympathetic -constriction *ciliary muscle -relaxes -parasympathetic -allows for accommodation sympathetic - regulated by alpha and beta parasympathetic - regulated by musculenic receptor both: increase secretions exception : salivary glands -most blood vessels innervated by sympathetic
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HEART 1. SA node: pacemaker -parasympathetic nerves slow down -chromotropic= heart rate 2. Atria: -decrease contr.-para -increase contr.-sym 3. AV node: -slowed- para -increased- symp. 4. Purkinje system: -increase through sym. 5. Ventricle: -mainly controlled by sym. *parasympathetic : inhibit hearts- decrease contraction of atria shut down M 2 *sympathetic : increase contraction of atria speed down = reciprocal affects Beta 1 *conduction: 1-5 BLOOD VESSELS: -all blood vessels have sympathetic innervations - few are innervated by parasympathetic (genitalia) Alpha 1 receptors -activated= contraction of smooth muscle= blood flow decrease= pressure go up
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Unformatted text preview: Beta 2 receptors-activated= relaxations Skeletal muscle blood vessels: B2 & A1 (epinephrine acts of B2) *epinephrine- B2 (80%) dilate and increase blood flow *norepinephrine- NO B2 (20%) SYMP: regulates blood flow/ vessels GENITALIA: para- dilation of penis(errection) ACh- acts on endothelium cells ACH RELEASES NO-leads to production of NO-NO causes relaxation (dilates)-acts with cyclic GMP exception: both symp and para BLADDER smooth muscle: *detrusor muscle (sac)-para releases ACh to contract (pee)-sym relaxes (not pee) *internal sphincter skeletal muscle *external sphinter all symp= ACh all parasym: musculenic receptor *usually release secretions GI TRACT PARASYM: causes food to travel throughout the stomach increase secretions SYMP: causes relaxation of walls LOOK at CHART SWEAT GLANDS 1. eccrine: thermoregulatory (on skin-odor)-symp-ACh 2. apocrine: stress (arm-pit)-symp-no ACh Parasym: secretions CHARTS: SYM then PARA Alpha1 - excitatory Beta 2- inhibitory M2...
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phys-ANS notes - Beta 2 receptors-activated= relaxations...

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