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theo final study guide - Study Guide For Final Exam This is...

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Study Guide For Final Exam This is NOT everything! I reserve the right to pull PROMINENT items or themes from the chapters you read. Make sure you look at the quizzes and the questions at the back of each chapter. Early Church Significance of 70 AD -destruction of the Temple -Jesus prophesized this -Jewish faith was dependant on the Temple -with no Temple, Jews could not make sacrifices to God -this showed that the Christian religion was valid 1) Jesus prophesized 2) Validation of the Christian faith 3) all Jewish groups were wiped out accept the Pharasees (Sadduccees and Zealots were wiped out) The Middle Ages Questions asked in the Early Church and in the Middle Ages Early Church=1) who Jesus was Middle Ages= 2) why did Jesus come and what did he achieve? (what was his purpose?) Important Medieval Developments (the three listed in class) 1) Universities= originally attached to cathedrals *education and teaching was in cathedrals *1st university= Paris = reintroduced Aristotle The Philosopher of the Early Church -Plato THE Philosopher in the Middle Ages -Aristotle Importance of Bonaventure and Thomas Aquinas -Thomas Aquinas: reconciled Aristotle with Christian theology -Bonaventure: made since of Christianity through Aristotle's teachings difference between the two: -Bonaventure began the work (1st that was creditable) -Aquinas did later work (finished Aristotle's work) Fall out from the Muslim Invasions in the east -influx of Greek texts that had not been available for 100s of years -went to the west?? Scholasticism : Be able to define and describe its characteristics -"academic theology" -Christian Humanism rejected it -deals with rational justification -wanted to know how it mattered to us: argue how many angels can fit on a pen Johann Tetzel
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-"chief seller" of indulgences Simony -crime of paying for holy offices/ positions in the Church Pluralism -more than one office of the Church on one man Absenteeism -problem with pluralism because one man could not be in all the offices at once -they want to hold multiple offices for more $$ Monopoly of Church Offices -if rich enough, a single person could control a whole region Treasury of Merits and Indulgences -all surplus merits earned by apostles & saints (treasury of merits) -merits put into a treasury that people can use for themselves -indulgences= means of accessing the merits (certificate) treasury= bank indulgences= checks Concubinage -"mistress" -lives with priest and takes care of them - have sex; secretive Papal power -growth helped exemplify Church Structure & Order -wrestling of powers (Pope v. King) -absorption in politics & worldliness -confusion over the relative authority of Pope and council Christian Humanism -questioned Church tradition -questioned long-standing traditions -rejected scholasticism -emphasized a return to the sources (Ad fontus)
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theo final study guide - Study Guide For Final Exam This is...

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