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Martin Luther I. Priesthood of all Believers A. Equality of the sinful 1. Minister: a functional position, not based on merits or spe- cial grace 2. All priests based on baptism 3. Saints on earth - deeds do not help II. Politics A. Heavenly Kingdom B. Earthly Kingdom C. Work together, but do not interfere D. Ruler is appointed by God 1. Kingdom of Christ is the right hand of God, rulers are the left hand of God E. Death penalty 1. God is the executioner John Calvin 1509-1564 III. His Ideas A. Communities that follow Calvin’s teachings: 1. Puritans and Presbyterians B. Two marks of the true church: 1. Preaching the word
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2. sacraments instituted by Christ IV. Bible A. God had to make an accommodation for human limits
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Unformatted text preview: B. Beginnings of dictation view C. Bible: deserves same reverence as God 1. Holy Spirit in the person determines divine value of the Bible 2. Bible not meant for science a) it is meant to lead people to gratitude for God V. Calvin on Original Sin A. “A hereditary depravity and corruption of our nature, diffused into all parts of the soul” B. Persists on account of God’s will, not sexually trans-mitted C. Emphasis on Holiness of Living 1. Elect - the chosen and saved 2. Double Predestination - God determines who is saved and condemned beforehand 3. Irresistible grace 4. Purpose: Total Sovereignty of God...
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Untitled - B. Beginnings of dictation view C. Bible:...

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