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Sociology Notes - so” hierarchy where the sacred is above...

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NOVEMBER 23 RD , 2010 RELIGION -religion is personal because it is social -expresses not only ones belief system, but also a collective outlook -gives a sense of stability to get through the day - we are studying from a sociological perspective the effects of religion on people’s lives - empirical nature of the study of religion religion is: -belief -moral code -hierarchy - ritual -mythologies, “living narratives” - priests, prophets, rabbis “specialists” Emile Durkheim wrote a book about religion and found: 1. religion is varied- each religion has their own beliefs and practices, and there is really no crossover between each 2. religion is inherently social- no matter what form religion took in terms of content and structure, there is always a collective involves 3. all religions create a division between “the sacred and the profane” a. sacred- set apart from others, view with a higher esteem “because the group says
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Unformatted text preview: so”, hierarchy where the sacred is above, collective sanction b. profane- anything that is not sacred, unacceptable, below -setting a standard of control totem- any natural object that takes on a sacred character and is used to represent the collective-monotheistic totems: dove, lamb, Durkheim is not interested in the individual-society is “ eternal ” – there are laws and moral codes we have to abide by in society-society is “ all powerful ”- we are socialized by our culture -society is “ all knowing ” these words associated with God—but Durkheim associated these traits with society from a sociological perspective that society is God-“idea of society is the soul of religion” (Durkheim) God is not dead- religion is versatile and adapts and is here to stay-gives us solidarity, cohesion, meaning, collective...
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