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Sociology notes - whiteness is a personal identity but also emerges as a legal identity and they are given certain privileges bc of skin tone

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NOVEMBER 16 TH , 2010 1. overt racism- old racism, very open and obvious racism, no reading btw lines 2. laissez-faire/ covert racism- new racism, individuals and their short comings a. *we are not living in a post racism society path dependency majority and minority patterns of interaction: 1. pluralism a. equal status 2. assimilation: “de facto” a. walk, talk, dress, think like the majority 3. segregation 4. genocide a. kill, kill, kill the “others” the law has constructed whites and given the, great privilege
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Unformatted text preview: whiteness is a personal identity, but also emerges as a legal identity, and they are given certain privileges bc of skin tone NOVEMBER 18 TH , 2010 Endogamy- within, maintain social structures that are particular to each culture Exogamy- outside, move up the social ladder, -cultural dissemination polygamy- one man, more than one woman married. -children, children, children Polyandry- one man, married to more than one man Inequality- the family produces inequality...
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