socio notes 11-9 - Sociology Factors associated with...

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Sociology 11/9/10 Factors associated with Marital Satisfaction: 1. Economic Forces 2. Divorce Laws a. If tough to get a divorce, more people are unhappy in their marriage 3. Family Life Cycle a. When couples first married, satisfaction is very high b. When first kid is born, marital satisfaction rate drops drastically c. When last kid leaves the house, marital satisfaction rates go up(still married)….parents have time for each other again i. 4. Housework and Childcare: who does chores around the house and who takes care of the child? a. They have to agree on the division of work (in order to be happy) b. Men tend to do outside work, BBQ, fix things around the house, physical labor, tend to do the more “fun” things (take the kids to the zoo) c. Women clean the house, cook, drive the kids around, do laundry, tend to perform the more tedious jobs 5. Sex: couples who enjoy active sex life are happier in marriage Interviews with married couples: Husbands: report being more in love with spouse than wives do (the degree of love) report fewer problems than wives rate problems as less severe than wives Wives: more likely than husband to report they have seriously considered separation or divorce less likely than husbands to say that, given the chance, they woul marry the same person again (1/3)
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Shock Theory of Marriage: Husbands: prior to marriage-bad press Shocks: marriage is good! o
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socio notes 11-9 - Sociology Factors associated with...

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