october 27th

october 27th - -Atomic Diplomacy new nuclear bomb hear...

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October 27th -government and labor union relationship change -brings more people into labor unions -CIO (congress of Industrial organizations) -battle between CIO and AFL -FDR moves to end labor strikes -Membership Policy - can leave union or pay dues of contract -workers see pledge as burden -work stoppages -work days, and workers lost -unions gained power, 1930s, Wagner Act -allied armies not prepared for things like concentration camps -nazi’s permitted Jews to leave until 1941 Depression Tighten restriction system under integration act of 1944 A strain of American anti-semitism -issue of the Holocaust --discredits Social Darwinism FDR dies in 1944 Truman is VP and take responsibility of finishing the war Stalin wants 3 seats on security council Potsdam- supposed to settle outstanding issue regarding out-settling of war
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Unformatted text preview: -Atomic Diplomacy new nuclear bomb hear while at Potsdam Truman doesn’t know if he should warn Japs before using bomb decide to use it with only minor warning to Japs - Potsdam declaration did not mention Atomic bomb, or if Japs were able to keep their emperor Little Boy dropped on Hiroshima August 8th, Soviets declare war on Japan--probably because they thought Japan was about to surrender August 9th, Fat Man is dropped on Nagasaki Radiation poisoning Emperor intervenes VJ DAY Atomic bomb - what happens if it falls into unfriendly hands?? Iron Curtain Speech - Churchill Truman Doctrine US will help Governments COMECON COMINFORM Stalin’s effort promote further American effort US establishes NATO-America will come to the aid of Western Europe, should it be attacked...
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october 27th - -Atomic Diplomacy new nuclear bomb hear...

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