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Helping Professions

Helping Professions - It seemed to me that you have to...

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Shelby Aleksick 2-14-2011 J. Gary Bledsoe, PH. D Did you find this professional interesting? What did you find or not find interesting? I thought that this profession was really interesting. I really liked how he focused on orthopedics. I thought the detailed examples of some of the medical procedures were really interesting. I learned how a hip replacement procedure works. Did you learn anything more about the profession that you did not know before? I learned that biomedical engineering was the use of biology and medicine to engineer new ideas and to solve problems. What questions do you still have regarding the profession? How dedicated do you have to be to being a biomedical engineer?
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Unformatted text preview: It seemed to me that you have to spend a lot of time at work. Did you find any surprising information? I was surprised that the presenter told us that the surgeon that does the hip replacement was a glorified cabinet maker. This was intimidating to me because that makes me think I would not be able to do either of those professions. Any experience with the profession? I have no experience with this profession. Can you see yourself in this profession? I do not see myself in this profession. I don’t think I will be able handle the schooling that is necessary, or the job demands....
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