Health information managment

Health information managment - I want to know if there will...

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Shelby Aleksick 2-14-2011 Julie Wolter Did you find this professional interesting? What did you find or not find interesting? I thought that what she had to say was interesting. The medical record transition from paper to electronic is a huge advancement. However, I don’t find her job interesting. I would not like filing, retrieving, and handling medical records. Did you learn anything more about the profession that you did not know before? I was unaware of how important it was to have the medical records completely accurate. The records have to accurate so the patients and doctors are protected and records can be addressed. What questions do you still have regarding the profession?
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Unformatted text preview: I want to know if there will be any other changes in this profession. Did you find any surprising information? I liked learning about the embedded chips that this nation that might start using. I think that is so interesting and I love learning about the benefits that health advancement will bring to us. Any experience with the profession? The only experience I have had with this profession is when I have gone to the doctor and created my own medical record. Can you see yourself in this profession? I do not see myself in this profession. I like more hands on health fields that I would work with patient....
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Health information managment - I want to know if there will...

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