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Nutrition, Diatetics

Nutrition, Diatetics - If so is it hard it they pass away...

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Shelby Aleksick 2-21-2011 Meagan and Stacy Did you find this professional interesting? What did you find or not find interesting? I thought that this profession was really interesting, I loved all of the experience they have with children and comforting them. Did you learn anything more about the profession that you did not know before? I had no idea that a child life specialist was an actually job position. I learned about what these workers do and how they helped children. I thought that it was really touching how much they loved their job and what they did. What questions do you still have regarding the profession? Do they ever become attached to children they meet?
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Unformatted text preview: If so, is it hard it they pass away or struggle for a long period of time? Did you find any surprising information? I thought that child life spet would have made more money, however they only make as much as a new high school teacher. Any experience with the profession? I have no experience with this profession. Can you see yourself in this profession? I do see myself in this profession, helping children cope and feel comfortable. I would not like the school that this occupation requires or the amount of pay. I would also have a hard time with kids that struggle or pass away....
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