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Shelby Aleksick 3-21-2011 Occupational Therapy Did you find this professional interesting? What did you find or not find interesting? I thought this profession was interesting to learn about what they do. I didn’t know a lot about this profession. After learning about what the do I think the work would be hard to do because it requires a lot of patients. Did you learn anything more about the profession that you did not know before? I learned that the occupational therapist work with the patient and helps them work around an injury or disability to preform everyday tasks. What questions do you still have regarding the profession? What is the salary of an average occupation therapist? Did you find any surprising information?
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Unformatted text preview: I had no idea how difficult it is to preform everyday tasks with disabilities. Also, the different tools and processes that therapist and patients use to recover or complete different “occupations” throughout the day; such as, getting dressed, cooking, and eating. Any experience with the profession? I have no previous experience with this program. Can you see yourself in this profession? I think this profession is very interesting; however, I do not think my personality would be right. It takes a lot of patients to help someone relearn basic everyday life skills. I would probably get frustrated if the recovery was not fast enough or if there was no progress in recovery at all....
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