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RadiationTherapy - Did you find any surprising information...

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Shelby Aleksick 3-28-11 Kathy Kienstra Did you find this professional interesting? What did you find or not find interesting? I thought that this profession was really interesting. I didn’t really know much about this profession until after Kathy had talked to us. I thought the technics used to correctly use radiation treatment were interesting. Did you learn anything more about the profession that you did not know before? I learned about what a radiation therapist does including; specifically locating cancer or irregular growths and treating them with radiation. In a normal day they locate growths in patients and help give a treatment plan for those patients. What questions do you still have regarding the profession? Is it hard to see people who have to come in all the time for treatment?
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Unformatted text preview: Did you find any surprising information? I was surprised at how much is involved in radiation therapy. I had no idea that they had to locate and create the plan for the machine to send radiation to the correct spot. I now understand why the liability is so high for people in this profession because they have to be perfect in their decisions for treatment. Any experience with the profession? I have no experience with this profession. Can you see yourself in this profession? I do see myself in this profession. I really liked everything that was talked about and said about this profession. I will be looking into it and shadowing someone in this profession....
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