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RQ 3-1 - Shelby Aleksick PHIL 3-1 1 In Section 1 of the...

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Shelby Aleksick PHIL 3-1 1. In Section 1 of the Metaphysics Book I, Aristotle says, "In general, the sign of knowledge or ignorance is the ability to teach..." By this he means something like: "You don't really understand something unless you can teach it to others." Based upon what else Aristotle says in Sec. 1, what do you think he means by this statement? I think that Aristotle was trying to explain that you may know of something but the reason behind it is unknown therefore you don’t have knowledge about that subject. He also states “ Thus the master craftsmen are superior in wisdom, not because they can do things, but be- cause they possess a theory and know the causes.” I think what Aristotle meant was that the people who can explain why something happens have actual knowledge and know the most truth about something. 2. In Section 3 of Physics Book II, Aristotle names what he takes to be the four primary causes of things. What are these causes? Can you give an example of how each one is responsible for causing something
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