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RQ Cleanthes - However the most resent version can still be...

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Shelby Aleksick Reading Questioins 3-31-11 1. What does Cleanthes compare the universe to? How does he structure his argument for God's existence based upon this comparison? Cleanthes compares the universe to a house. He explains that when you look at a house you know an architect or a builder designed it. 2. Philo raises at least four primary objections to Cleanthes' argument. Try to identify all of these objections and list them briefly. Philo mentions that you can always find flaws and complications with ideas and when you do; you start over and make a better version.
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Unformatted text preview: However, the most resent version can still be topped somehow with a different idea. Also many people work on one project to complete a creation of a house, boat, or city; therefore, the superiority and power of being all knowing is weakened. Philo also talked about how if there was a God, a man would be formed by him but only to be brought into the world to “fix” or “solve” some of the problems there are with this world created by the same God. The forth point I was unclear about....
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