BIO - B acteriology Powerpoint Notes : Analysis of the...

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Bacteriology Powerpoint Notes : Analysis of the effect of alcohol containing solutions at different concentrations on the bacterial growth of Staphylococcus Aureus. INTRODUCTION: Antony van Leeuwenhoek by looking at the build up of plak in his mouth. Bacteria are prokaryotic cells There are two kingdoms of bacteria: o Archeabacteria o Eubacteria There are three basic shapes of bacteria o Bacillus o Coccus o Spirillium One method commonly used to identify two different types of bacteria is gram staining o There are Gram positive bacteria and This cell wall of which 50-90% of it is made up of peptidoglycan This peptidoglycan absorbs the staining and turns the bacteria’s cell wall PURPLE o Gram negative Which has about 10% of it’s cell wall made up of peptidoglycan Because of the lesser amount of peptioglycan, the bacteria’s cell wall turns PINK Factors that affect bacteriology growth
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o Temperature Psychrophilic bacteria grow well in lower temperatures. (15-20 degrees C) Mesophilic bacteria grows well in middle/moderate temperatures (30-37 degrees C) Thermophillic bacteria grows well in hot temperatures (50-60 degrees C) o pH some prefer a more basic environment while other prefer a more acidic environment o Nutritional This includes Minerals Oxygen Nitrogen Phosphorous and so forth o Other important factors needed for ell growth include: Amino acids Purines Pyrimidines And various vitamins Staphylococcus Aureus Undergoes anerobic respiration
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BIO - B acteriology Powerpoint Notes : Analysis of the...

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