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aa Avoide these image terrors

aa Avoide these image terrors - form collagen in bloods...

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4/5/2011 1 avoid these terrors… pixelated images Eruption Patterns 1990 2085 Estimated population at risk of dengue fever under “standard” climate change scenario: 1990, 2085 Source. Hales S et al. Lancet (online) 6 August 2002. http://image.thelancet.com/extras/01art11175web.pdf . What’s High? What’s Low? Do You Have to Calculate to Know? Footnote
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4/5/2011 2 7 What is a whole grain? In order for a grain to be considered “whole,” all three parts of the kernel must be intact: Bran – outer shell; protects seed, contains fiber and B vitamins, is often removed in processing Endosperm – provides energy in the form of carbohydrate and protein Germ – provides nourishment for the seed; contains antioxidants, vitamins E and B Tip: When shopping for grains, look for the word “whole” listed in the ingredients section. 8 The Three Vitamins s Vitamin A is a associated with vision development and cellular growth and maintenance. s Vitamin C help the body
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Unformatted text preview: form collagen in bloods vessel,bone cartilage and muscles. s Vitamin E is an antioxidant,which is a nutrient that helps fight damage to the cell in the body. s These are the vitamins that are in the healthy foods you eat. watermarked images Healthful Hints: • Choose vegetable topped pizza - skip fatty meat toppings • Choose grilled chicken - skip fried foods • Choose smaller portions - skip “super size” • Other good choices: • baked potato • side salads • bean burritos • frozen yogurt • fruit Fast Food postage stamp images Calorie Difference: 257 calories 590 calories CHEESEBURGER 20 Years Ago Today 333 calories Adapted from http://hin.nhlbi.nih.gov/portion/keep.htm 20 years ago Today calorie difference=257 4/5/2011 3 Have you been offered participation in the OHS program? Training and information management cheesy clipart distorted images The costs of teen child bearing in the U.S. are really high stretch to make a connection...
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aa Avoide these image terrors - form collagen in bloods...

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