aa Statistics Statistics Participation Assignment

aa Statistics Statistics Participation Assignment - course,...

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Participation Assignment: Statistics, Statistics Your assignment is:  1.   Compile a  list of 10 statistics  that you find interesting and tell us about aspects of  our lifestyles and conditions in the United States or globally.   A.  The statistics that you report do not have to be statistics about health or  health-related behavior, but can be if you would like.  You can also report  statistics about other areas that describe our lives and conditions such as  buying and/or consumption behaviors, media habits, political  preferences/trends, housing conditions, food establishments and eating, travel  and transportation, how people spend time, leisure activities, entertainment,  environmental conditions, education, religion, spending behaviors, work etc.  etc.   Statistics can reflect behavior, feelings, attitudes, knowledge, opinions,  habits, percentages, number of etc. etc.  You can also report statistics, of 
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Unformatted text preview: course, about health such as health status, disease, health behaviors and risks, deaths, health care, obesity etc etc. B. Title your list 10 Statistics I Find Interesting. Then list each of the 10 statistics 1. 2. 3. .and so forth C. For each statistic you list, include where you obtained the statistic (name of web site, book, magazine, journal, etc.). 2. Select one of the statistics in your list and develop a PowerPoint slide that displays the statistic in an interesting and creative way Turn in a paper copy of your assignment in class on _____________________________ (paper copy will include your list + a copy of your slide) Email your PowerPoint slide to byuhealth330@gmail.com by _________________________ (be sure your name is on your slide)...
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aa Statistics Statistics Participation Assignment - course,...

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