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End of WWII Social Security Act of 1965 LaLonde Report (1973 ) Healthy People Report (1979) Health care spending reaches $1 trillion (1997) HLTH 330 students begin solving major health problems (2011) Significant Events in Modern History of Health Promotion Massive expansion of biomedical health care system Lifestyles/personal responsibility movement Hill Burton Act (1946) WHO and expanded def of health (1948) Promoting Health/Preventing Disease: Objectives for the
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Unformatted text preview: Nation (1980) Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (1986) AMA declares obesity an epidemic (1999) Health care exceeds $2 trillion (2007) Health promotion a priority in health care reform legislation (2010) 1944 1954 1964 1974 1984 1994 2004 Social-environmental determinants movement Rapid growth of health facilities and technology Framingham study begins (1948) North Karelia Project launched (1972) Actual Causes of Death Study in JAMA (2004)...
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