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1 Day in the Life of a Health Care Setting Health Educator Mary’s day begins at 8:30a.m. when she arrives at the hospital, picks up her mail, and proceeds to her office. She is the only health educator employed by this large metropolitan hospital, but she does have a secretary/ assistant who works closely with her to carry out the duties of the position. At 9:00a.m Mary attends the weekly staff meeting. This a meeting with all department heads at the hospital. Much of the agenda does not concern Mary directly, but it is important for her to know what is going on in all departments. At today’s meeting, it was decided to have an open house for the public to see the
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Unformatted text preview: newly renovated obstetrical wind of the hospital. May is given the responsibility of planning and advertising this event. What does Mary do the rest of the day? • 10 • 11 • 1 • 12 • 3 • after class • 7:30 What does Mary do the rest of the day? • 10-planning meeting w/ head of Cardiac Rehab • 11-planning meeting health fair (at mall) • 1-work on health/wellness newsletter • 12-not specified • 3-leads weight-loss support group for employees • after class-phone calls/emails • 7:30-teach stress-management class for community...
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