aa-59 - Short-term social impact Short-term impact Process...

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1/20/2011 1 Good health promotion programs not created by chance …product of systematic planning Where are we now? Where do we want to go? How will we get there? How will we know when we get there? planning is a multi-step process “To plan is to engage in a process or procedure to develop a method of achieving an end” Breckon et al PRECEDE-PROCEED P redisposing, R einforcing, and E nabling C onstructs in E ducational/Ecological D iagnosis and E valuation - P olicy, R egulatory, and O rganizational C onstructs in E ducational and E nvironmental D evelopment MATCH M ultilevel A pproach t o C ommunity H ealth CDCynergy or Cynergy SMART S ocial M arketing A ssessment and R esponse T ool MAP-IT M obilize, A ssess, P lan, I mplement, T rack
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1/20/2011 2 Quality of life Phase 1 Social assessment Health Phase 2 Epidemiological assessment Health education Policy regulation organization Health Promotion Phase 5 policy assessment Output Longer-term health outcome
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Unformatted text preview: Short-term social impact Short-term impact Process Input Long-term social impact Phase 6 Implementation Phase 7 Process evaluation Phase 8 Impact evaluation Phase 9 Outcome evaluation Predisposing Reinforcing Enabling Phase 4 Educational & ecological assessment Behavior Environment Phase 3 Behavioral & environmental assessment *Green & Kreuter, Health Promotion Planning , 3rd ed., Mayfield, 1999. generalized model basic steps common to all planning models s implement as planned s overcome barriers s monitor activities Health Promotion Planning Cycle Implement s Goals/objectives s Determine settings and targets s Interventions – methods/ strategies Develop … s Health needs? s Health determinants? s Target groups? Assessing needs s objectives achieved? s lessons learned? s program improvement? Evaluate MAP-IT...
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aa-59 - Short-term social impact Short-term impact Process...

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