aa-69 - Mega Aging Globalization Technological development...

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Mega trends These are some of the megatrends toward 2020 identified by the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Aging There will be relatively more elderly than youths the next decades. Today's elderly are in better health and more affluent than the elderly of the past. Many seek an active retirement with travel, experiences or other forms of self- realization. Many may remain active in the working world beyond 65. Globalization Globalization makes us more alike across the world. The global development leads to increased liberalization and expanded trade in most countries and regions. Citizens and consumers, however, will continue to be cross-culturally different in their behavior and their preferences for products. It is not likely, that the world will be dominated by common political and ethical values in the near future. Technological development The most important technological development areas in the next decades are information technology, biotechnology, nano-technology and energy. Information technology has created enormous changes in recent decades: personal computers, the Internet, mobile telephones, industrial robots, iPods, and much more. In 2020, computers will be about 200 times faster than today's computers, and will have memories 1000 times as large. Computers and robots will take on increasingly complex assignments, and the Internet will be a breeding ground for completely new, virtual industries. In recent years, we have seen great progress in biotechnology with the mapping of the human genome, cloning of mammals, and genetic modification of plants and animals. Research in biotechnology opens the door to new, future treatments in the form of gene therapy and transplantation of cloned organs. Genetically modified plants and animals (GMO) may potentially relieve world hunger. However, at the same time, biotechnology opens a Pandora's box of ethical questions: Is it acceptable to manipulate life? Is GMO just another way for the West to exploit the Third World? Will biotechnology prompt unforeseen biological catastrophes? Nanotechnology is a general term for technology with structures on a nanometer
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aa-69 - Mega Aging Globalization Technological development...

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