qq-8 - 'Katie Couric Effect boosts colonoscopy rates By...

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Unformatted text preview: 'Katie Couric Effect' boosts colonoscopy rates By Michelle Healy, USA TODAY NBC Today show host Katie Couric is a veteran soldier in the battle for TV ratings, but a medical study says she's also a champion in the fight to increase colon cancer screenings. When Couric underwent a colonoscopy live on national TV in March 2000, colonoscopy rates nationwide jumped more than 20% in the days and months that followed. The live colonoscopy was part of a weeklong series promoting colon cancer awareness. The researchers have dubbed this phenomenon the "Katie Couric Effect." The study, in Monday's Archives of Internal Medicine , finds that the higher rate of colonoscopies was sustained for nearly a year after the show. And the proportion of colonoscopies performed on women and people under age 50 rose, mirroring the audience demographics of NBC's Today show. The study shows that "a celebrity spokesperson, even one without the condition he or she is promoting, can have a substantial and important impact on what the public does related to that disease," says study co-author Mark...
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qq-8 - 'Katie Couric Effect boosts colonoscopy rates By...

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