qq-23 - Health 310 Chronic Disease Prevention and Control...

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Health 310 – Chronic Disease: Prevention and Control Chronic Disease Research Brief #2 Due March 29, 2011 Format The paper must be 2 pages single-spaced, standard margins with a maximum of 12 point font size. A 3 rd page is required for references. Follow APA style for citations and references. Content You are working as a public policy and advocacy specialist for a chronic disease non- profit agency in your home state . Your organization supports House Bill (HB) 123, a fictional prevention and control bill that would also increase state funding for the disease that you represent. Your assignment is to put together a research brief that justifies the need for increased funding. The brief will be given to your state Senators and Representatives to educate them on the need for the proposed legislation. The brief should include current, state-specific statistics regarding prevalence and economic burden, as well as information about risk and protective factors. As a non- profit public health agency, you want to make the argument that more funding should be directed toward prevention and control. Support your points by referring to at least one successful public health education program, preferably within your state, that
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qq-23 - Health 310 Chronic Disease Prevention and Control...

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