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Gender, Media Images 12 Researchers have hypothesized that women's emphasis on nurturing roles and relationships may account for their less supportive attitudes toward war (Hull, Hurd, & Margolis, 1993; Silverman & Kumka, 1987). According to Silverman and Kumka, women are more likely than men to consider the needs of all people, even their enemies. Men, on the other hand, adopt "more of a win or lose mentality--focusing primarily on the logistics and economics of military defense and exchange" (p. 191). In addition, women are more likely to describe war in terms of human-centered issues, while men are more likely to focus on issues of politics and violence (Hull et al., 1993).   APA Format This handout covers basic principles of APA format, based on Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 5th edition. For more help, refer to Publication Manual . In-Text Citation Each use of information from another source (whether quoted, paraphrased, or summarized) must be accompanied with an in-text citation. Whenever possible, cite the source’s author(s), date, and page number(s). Generally, this is accomplished by inserting parenthetical citations in the following format: (Surname, year, p. #) . For example, a citation for information on page 14 of a 1994 article written by Roger Allen would be: (Allen, 1994, p. 14) . When referring to a source a subsequent time within a single paragraph, the year is not needed. For sources with two or more authors, list surnames in the order they are listed in the source. Adhere to the following format, depending on the number of authors: Two authors: Three to five authors, first citation: For the first citation, place all surnames in parentheses, separating each with a Three to Five authors, subsequent citations: For every subsequent citation, list only the first surname, followed by et al. : (Jones et al., 1974, p. 65) Six or more authors: Use et al. format (see above) every time, including the first. No author listed:
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qq-26 - APAFormat The Writing Center Brigham Young...

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