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Haitian Revolution time-line: Aug. 1789 – Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen Oct. 1789 – Ogé and delegation to France March 28, 1790 – “all proprietors ought to be active citizens” Oct. 1790 – Ogé back to Saint Domingue to incite revolt; executed in 1791 Aug. 21, 1791 – violent slave revolt led by Boukman Sept. 20, 1791 – Colonial Assembly recognized citizenship of all free people of color; French soldiers arrive; whites in South and West revoke rights 1792 – no peace in the countryside; slaves control much of the colony, planters want independence, free people of color looking to France for citizenship Sept. 18, 1792 – Sonthonax, representative from France, arrives, promises citizenship if free people of color join him against slaves Jan. 1793 – Sonthonax and free people of color start negotiations with slave rebel
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Unformatted text preview: generals, including Toussaint Louverture • Feb. 1793 – Louis XVI beheaded, France a Republic, turmoil in colony – British invade • Aug. 23, 1793 – Sonthonax declares slaves free • Early 1794 – British take Port au Prince; Louverture returns and drives British out, becomes Lieutenant Governor of the island • Nov. 1799 – Napoleon rises to power • 1801 – Louverture abolishes slavery and makes himself governor for life • Late 1801 – French and British treaty, Leclerc invades island, captures Louverture • 1802 – capture of Louverture fuels slave rebellion • 1803 – Louverture dies in exile, yellow fever weakens French army, black generals and armies defeat French (under Dessalines) • January 1, 1804 – declaration of independent Haiti...
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