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SEGMENT 3:   COLONISM AND NATIONALISM 1600 – First year British East India Company traded in India 1652 – Dutch establish refreshment station at Cape of Good Hope (Cape Town) 1701-1706 – St. Anthony movement led by Dona Beatrice in Kongo Kingdom 1757 – British East India Company conquered the princely state of Bengal worked from Bombay, Calcutta, and Madras 1795 – British take over Cape colony in South Africa 1820 – King Radama invites London Missionary Society into his kingdom in Madagascar highlands; Egypt challenges Ottoman rule 1830 – Greek independence from Ottoman Empire 1840 – Latin American colonies all independent from European powers 1842 – Opium wars in China concluded 1858 – British quelled Sepoy rebellion and made India a colonial state 1860 – Italian states unified 1860-1866 – Indian indentured servants brought to South Africa 1862 – First soccer match played in Africa, in Cape Colony 1863 – Soccer rules codified in London 1867 – Discovery of Diamonds near Kimberly, South Africa; Serbian independence from
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