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History 202—Sec. 001—Winter 2011 World Civilization/History from 1500 Dr. Hadfield Review for Final Exam ► Exam date: Saturday, April 16, 11:00 am-2:00 pm, room B002 JFSB (everyone in the regular classroom) The final exam will consist of paired identifications, taken largely from class lectures, but also related to the course readings. You will be presented with three groups of paired identifications (shorter than the list below). You must write on three , one from each group . You will be asked to identify and analyze the significance of these pairs of people, events, documents, and places and explain how these taken together illuminate world history. Your answer should consist of three substantial paragraphs. For each pair you must a) identify and explain the significance of the first item in the pair, b) identify and explain the significance of the second item in the pair, c) explain how the two items together illuminate aspects/themes/linkages/ problems/approaches or views of world history.
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Unformatted text preview: While you prepare for the exam, look for patterns and linkages so that if some of the pairs you intended to write on do not appear on the exam, you will still be able to use some of that material as it applies to different contexts. Group A 1. Gandhi/ Christianity in Africa 2. Mohamed Ali Jinnah/ DOC: The Voice of Zionism 3. British East India Company/ Scramble for Africa 4. DOC: Theres a European, Theres a European!/ DOC: The Ndebele Rebellion 5. British White Paper 1922/ the Holocaust Group B 6. Treaty of Versailles, 1919/ United Nations 7. DOC: Atlantic Charter/ Cold War 8. Apollo Missions/ Korean War 9. Sudan / Suez Canal 10. Kwame Nkrumah/ Truman Doctrine Group C 11. Oil in the Middle East/ Afghanistan 12. Green Parties in Europe, 1970s/ Trans-national corporations 13. Cold War/ September 11, 2001 14. HIV/AIDS/ Cassava 15. cell phones in Africa/ DOC: Declaration of Independence *Please bring a blue examination booklet to class on the day of the exam....
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