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zz-5 - What is Dubois main argument What sources does...

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Dear class, We will be discussing the Haitian Revolution and Laurent Dubois' Avengers of the New World two weeks from today. You will need to have the book read by the time you come to class on Thursday, September 30. We will be breaking into four small groups to discuss the book. As you read through the book, do not get tied up or bogged down with the details. You need to know the story line and the major actors, but as you read, you will become familiar with these. I would like you to pay particular attention to the issues I have listed below. Also, I suggest that when you finish each chapter, write a couple of sentences summarizing what the chapter is about. This will help you digest the book. Please pay particular attention to these issues:
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Unformatted text preview: - What is Dubois' main argument?- What sources does Dubois use?- How closely linked was France to Saint Domingue (how did ideas, people, and goods flow between the two places)?- What role does race play in this history?- Was the Haitian Revolution African and how?- Who were the most important figures or groups of people in the success of the Haitian Revolution? Do few key individuals drive history or groups of people?- What challenges did Touissant L'Overture face after emancipation and what did he do?- Where did the name Haiti come from and what does it signify?- Why did L'Ouverture fight for France? Finally **READ THE PROLOGUE.** This contains the major arguments for the book which will help you understand the rest of the book....
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