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B.Y.U. MUSEUM OF ART ACTIVITY No hand-written papers accepted . 1. Find a painting which employs the pyramidal plan in its composition. Describe the objects in the painting which suggest this element of composition. 2. Identify a painting in which the artist uses the linear perspective. Identify a painting in which the artist uses aerial perspective. Describe the objects and aspects in the painting which suggest these elements of composition. 3. Find the large sculpture in the lobby and apply the Four Ways to Judge
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Unformatted text preview: Art. Discuss symbols. 4. Choose a work which requires knowledge of the artist’s intent for full understanding. Provide a brief record of your response to this painting– initial response through educated response. 5. Which painting is the Museum of Art’s oldest? 6. Choose a favorite painting and answer the following: What appeals to your senses? Describe the compositional elements and medium of the work. What appeals to you on an emotion level? What appeals to you on an intellectual level? Is there symbolic significance? 1...
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