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ff 101nudityinart

ff 101nudityinart - BYU would not ask you to look at...

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BYU would not ask you to look at pornography. You can trust BYU, and know that the Board of Trustees, which includes apostles, verifies and approves all course material. The author of the text book for our class was my mentor and one of the finest men of God I have ever met. He is a true disciple of Christ. I think the thing to keep in mind is the artist's intent. These works are not meant to sexually arouse, but to celebrate the beauty of the human body, God's greatest creation. The human body is the most complicated and beautiful system ever created. Artists recognize this, wonder at the magnificence of the body, and do their best to even partially recreate its beauty. It's is one of the aspects of art that marks a great master -- can you even come close to recreating the beauty of the human figure (much more difficult than a landscape). In the case of Michelangelo, he is showing the connection between the human body and Heavenly Father--how much we are like him (or in His image, we say in our church). Therefore, the "privates" on Adam are DE-emphasized. Because
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