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Hansen 1 Amy Hansen Lauri Haddock Humanities 101 Section 2 October 10, 2007 “World of Dance” Performance Report During the “World of Dance” Performance, I enjoyed watching Hip Hop, Ballet, Social Dancing, Tap, Modern, and International Folk Dance numbers. I especially enjoyed three particular numbers: “Onward Alone,” “La Legende,” and “The Bridge – Stand for Something.” These three numbers were not only enjoyable to watch, but also cause me to introspect because of the deep themes, symbols, and imagery that were expressed by the skill, poise, and dexterity of the dancers as a whole and individually. One number that caused me to introspect during the recital was called “Onward Alone,” performed by the BYU Dancer’s Company, a contemporary group. Girls in long, pioneer dresses stood motionless on the stage, while the scene was narrated. The narrator said that these women had been left alone by their husbands, sons, and brothers, who had enlisted in the Mormon Battalion. A screen behind them showed vegetation that was changing colors, indicating that it was fall and foreshadowing the coming of winter. The theme of this song was the battle of the individual against the elements. The dancer’s movements were stiff and strained symbolizing the difficulty the women faced. Visual imagery also contributed greatly to the theme of the individual struggle against nature. In addition to the seasonal scenery projected behind the dancers, the mantic and emotional faces of the individual dancers established the theme. There were times when a dancer would fall, and be carried off the stage by others. Sounds of rain and the clapping of thunder occurred early on in the piece, and then the weather
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Hansen 2 transitioned to extreme cold. The dancers shivered and clasped their arms together in an effort to warm themselves as snow fell on the screen. Regardless of what trials the elements presented,
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ff 101perfreportexample - Hansen 1 Amy Hansen Lauri Haddock...

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