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Brother Stan Johnson New Testament Winter 2011 Sections 2, 3, 7 Midterm Study Guide · The midterm covers material from Acts 1-28, I & II Thessalonians and I Corinthians 1-15. The review sheets for quiz #1 and #2 will be helpful and are available on Blackboard under Course Materials. · Know about the epistles (letters) that Paul wrote. How do we know he wrote them and why are they in the order they are? Also know when he wrote them according to our discussion in class (e.g. from his 1 st , 2 nd , or 3 rd mission—the prison epistles and pastoral epistles-see Bible Dictionary p.743-48) · From the epistle of I & II Thessalonians know about the formula for Eternal Life, the definition of the Gospel, the Doctrine of Recompense. Also review the teachings concerning the second coming,
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Unformatted text preview: the apostasy and Paul’s teachings concerning work and receiving church assistance. · From the epistle of I Corinthians, review Paul’s teachings concerning “No divisions in the church” doctrine, spirit vs. the natural man, immorality and marriage, the doctrine of Christian Liberty, the gifts of the Spirit, Faith, Hope and Charity, and the doctrine of the resurrection. · Make sure you are caught up in your reading of the New Testament (at least to 1 Corinthians 15). · Remember you can take the Midterm at the testing center from Monday March 7 th to Saturday March 12 th ; however, Friday (all day) and Saturday (10-12 NOON) are late days and you must pay the fee! THE MIDTERM ENDS AT 12:00 NOON SATURDAY!...
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