cc-5 - church, etc.) Understand the doctrine of...

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Bro. Stan Johnson New Testament 212 Winter 2011 Sections 2, 3, 7 Study Guide for Quiz #3 This quiz will cover material presented in the epistles of Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, I and II Timothy, and Titus. Review the background material concerning all of Paul’s epistles – such as when were they written (from the second mission or prison, etc. - See Bible Dictionary Page 743-748). The quiz will emphasize this material. Review the concerns of Paul and the conflicts between Paul and Peter Review who the pillars of the Church were and what they were in charge of (Galatians 2:9-10) Understand Pauls’ concerns with the Law of Moses (the Judaizers) and such doctrines as “put on” Christ (enduo), justified freely vs. justified only, Atonement (Katallage) and to “confess” (homolegeo). Also know the six steps leading to salvation. (Romans 10) Review how we divided the book of Ephesians into sections. (The plan, the
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Unformatted text preview: church, etc.) Understand the doctrine of foreordination, the middle wall, the organization of the Church, the family, and the individual as presented in the Book of Ephesians. Know concerning endless genealogies, the enabling power of Christ, the importance of meditation, Timothys family, and the power of the scriptures in the last days as presented in I and II Timothy. Understand Pauls last words written from prison in II Timothy 4. Understand what the epistle of Titus had to say about works. Be sure and be caught up in your reading of the New Testament. (At least to the Book of Titus) Remember you can take Quiz 3 at the Testing Center from Monday March 21 st to Saturday March 26 th . However, Friday (all day) and Saturday (10-12 Noon) are late days and you must pay the fee. The Quiz ends at 12 Noon Saturday !...
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cc-5 - church, etc.) Understand the doctrine of...

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