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Oxford History of World Cinema , AMERICAN FILM GENRES, Rick Altman “musical films” can be loose term for great deal of diegetic music, some produced by principal characters “musicals” featuring not only music but a shared configuration of plot patterns, character types, and social structures associated with this music 1,500 musical films in Hollywood Classic Hollywood Musical: 1933 was new beginning in Hollywood’s attempts to produce narrative and music combinations developed durable pattern which applies to majority of Hollywood’s musical production during the middle third of this century---the musicals’ primary genre film era Genre offered: production/template for production decisions; distribution/short hand for product differentiation; consumption/standard patterns of spectator involvement (277) Genres share certain aspects: semantic/syntactic semantic = elements (like horse, rough-and-tumble characters, illegal acts, semi-settled wilderness, natural earth colors, tracking shots, respect for history of Am west) syntactic = rules of how the semantic elements are arranged (“regularly deploying similar methods of making the various semantic components cohere: plot patterns,
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rr-1 - Oxford History of World Cinema, AMERICAN FILM...

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