rr-1 - Midterm Questions TMA 492Winter 2011 Note: This is...

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Midterm Questions TMA 492—Winter 2011 Note: This is an open book; the primary dimension of the “test” is your understanding and application of Altman’s concepts to a specific musical film. The finished exam should be at least three pages long, 1.5 or 2 spaced, in Times New Roman font. The major purposes are to assess: a) your understanding of the reading/discussion of Altman’s American Film Musicals ; b) you ability to synthesize that genre framework and—most importantly--apply it to a film text. (Cautionary note: Altman’s ideas and examples are a resource to use/agree/disagree with; however, if you select a film he analyzes in some depth in his book, be wary of his influence over your interpretation and citing of specific aspects of the film itself. Answer one of the two questions below.) Your answers are due by 5 p.m. Wednesday, February 16. UNLESS that means you would miss class that evening; if that is the case, they are due at 12 midnight that evening. Option 1: Altman argues that the musical film is fundamentally based on binaries: “By reconciling terms previously seen as mutually exclusive, the musical succeeds in reducing an
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rr-1 - Midterm Questions TMA 492Winter 2011 Note: This is...

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