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TMA 492—Paper Topic and Final Essay Information Paper topic: The essay is a micro/macrocosmic exercise. You identify a single film text (or two, if you’re feeling ambitious) as a microcosm of how the musical genre operates, selecting one or two aspects of the musical genre/subgenres Altman identifies as a paradigm for analysis. The final essay will present the results of your analysis of that film with that paradigmatic element. (The final essay should include specific, concrete cinematic aspects of the film as well as clear definitions of the genre conventions you’re using and how they are connected. It is not intended to demonstrate what a thoughtful film spectator might know on a first viewing of the film. This assignment means you’ve: 1) selected the film (or films) you wish to focus on; 2) the convention/ semantic-syntactic aspect of a musical subgenre you will be analyzing it with; 3) what you expect to discover and demonstrate by your analysis (i.e.—why the analysis is worth doing.) This final aspect may shift as you proceed with the analysis but it should be substantial. The narrower your topic, the more efficient your analysis will be. Altman models this approach in several chapters, as he offers stills as well as dialogue and narrative description to illustrate his point. Examples include Gigi; Love Me Tonight and Top Hat ( fairy tale); Applause and Band Wagon (show musical), High, Wide & Handsome Oklahoma ( folk musicals). Feel free to “use” Altman, by applying his concepts in new ways or thoughtfully and clearlay disagreeing, with evidence for your approach. He provides clear definitions (and illustrations) of the musical’s fundamental dualistic structure—both (primary) sexual/gender duality and
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rr-2 - TMA 492Paper Topic and Final Essay Information Paper...

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