rr-5 - Aspect Semantics drawn from materials of different...

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Aspect Fairy Tale Show Business Folk Semantics drawn from materials of different visual, social & economic realms (124) settings Palaces, resorts, fancy hotels, ocean liners; other locales frequented by the aristocracy Middle-class world of theater and magazine publication (centering on NYC) The America of yesteryear, from small town to frontier; small town or agricultural setting; in urban setting, coherent neighborhoods Syntactic typology (based on primary relationships between the musical’s love plot and the cultural plots it supports) (126) ALL SUPPORT AN AMERICAN “MYTH OF romance that ends in Marriage”) Restoring order to the couple accompanies & parallels (and frequently causes or is caused by) restoration of order to an imaginary kingdom (“to marry is to govern”) Creating the couple is associated with the creation of a work of art (Broadway show, Hollywood film, fashion magazine, concert, etc.) (“to marry is to create”) Integrating two disparate individuals into a single couple heralds the entire group’s communion with each other and the land which sustains them (“marriage is community”) Sources European operettas & Am institutions (blended music and comedy); operetta, opera and foreign song an march traditions (“Riff”) American musical idioms (vaudeville, minstrel show/burlesque, Broadway); jazz, big band swing, Latin rhythms of Xavier Cugat and Carmen Miranda, classical music (Joe Pasternak) Ethnic harmonies and rhythm; colored by a euphoric memory
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Semantic operation of the musical’s diametrical oppositions resolved by one or more mediating factors 3 sublimated approaches to sexuality (some form of “lovemaking” that allow some sort of “resolution”): 1) sex as sex (driven by overt sexual desire; “charm can replace
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  • Boris Johnson, The Spectator, overt sexual desire, Business Middle-class world, American musical idioms, aristocracy Restoring order

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rr-5 - Aspect Semantics drawn from materials of different...

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