rr-7 - Once (2007, R, 85 min, John Carney) Director &...

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Once (2007, R, 85 min, John Carney) Director & Screenwriter: John Carney Producer: Martina Niland Music: Glen Hansard, Markéta Irglová, Interference D.P.: Tim Fleming Editing: Paul Mullen The Guy: Glen Hansard The Girl: Markéta Irglová Darren Healy: heroin addict Bill Hodnett: Guy’s father Marcella Plunkett: ex-girlfriend “Theory of Chaos,” Joe, Originally published 9/8/07 Review of Once “Watching Once , I thought to myself that so many Hollywood movies boil down to beautiful people posing and making faces. The film industry has made such an expert science out of stimulating the twinkle in the eye, extracting the maximum manly resolve from the heroically jutting jaw, that the application of these visible results of feeling does everything it can to counter the hard truth that what these performers are doing is not earning that feeling. Sometimes when the music is swelling and an actress’s eyes are going wobbly with tears, it comes across not so much an inspiration to feeling as a command. “That’s a long way around to a fairly basic idea, but I think what gives an audience an unforgettable experience is when they have the opportunity to discover something which is simple, and genuine. Once tells a boy-meets-girl story with an almost total lack of artifice or inflection, with ordinary-looking people placed in ruddy and unglamorous environments, speaking in the overlapping accidental rhythms of people who have not been given any clever dialogue to say. Its microscopic budget means a low-resolution, shaky, blown-out image and night scenes where the actors’ faces are barely discernible. “But for all those overt rejections of the Hollywood method, Once is a work of extraordinary joy and intimacy, an emotional experience so immediately genuine and accessible that it must be considered one of the best films of the year. Without any of the crutches of fakery, writer/director John Carney is able to focus simply on showing what his boy and girl are doing right before our eyes – making beautiful music, and falling in love. “Glen Hansard, formerly of the Irish band The Frames, plays the boy, a young Dubliner who works in his father’s vacuum repair shop by day and plays guitar on street corners during his off hours. He has a full and yearning voice, a voice that cries with the inevitable sadness of feeling so much, but would not imagine living any other way. Many of his songs are about a love that
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rr-7 - Once (2007, R, 85 min, John Carney) Director &...

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