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COURSE SYLLABUS TMA 492 Film Genre: The Musical Winter 2011 I. Instructor: Sharon Lee Swenson Office Hours: Wednesdays, noon to 1 p.m.; Thursdays, 1 to 2 p.m and by appointment Office: F-450 HFAC E-Mail: [email protected] Phone: 422-6648 (work) 801-532-6247 (home/Salt Lake) II. Required Texts 1) American Film Musical, Rick Altman 2) Film texts screened III. Media Arts Program Learning Outcomes related to this class. Students will: demonstrate knowledge of central elements of film history and theory. synthesize acquired knowledge. integrate newly acquired knowledge with personally resonant themes and ideas. assume personal responsibility for learning and for their work. collaborate effectively with other students, faculty, mentors and professionals. Course Learning Outcomes : TMA 492R Media Arts Genre provides   intensive analysis of a single major traditional media genre studying patterns, rituals, and social dimensions of historic and contemporary film types. Students will: explore a specific genre as a microcosm of larger aesthetic and social development of popular culture artifacts identify scholarly material related to genre study consider the relationship of text, subtext, and context in genre film analyze the significance of conventions and themes both diachronically and synchronically . IV. Learning Activities & Grading 250 points = Journal Entries (10 x 25 points) 100 points = Group Report 130 points = Attendance and Participation (10 x 13 points; this allows some leeway for necessary absences) 100 points = Take Home Midterm Exam 300 points = Essay analyzing one or two musicals using Altman or another film genre scholar 100 points = Final Exam 20 points = Electronic course/instructor evaluation Each assignment and your final grade is determined by these percentages: 93-100% = A 90-92% = A- 88-89% = B+ 83-87 = B 80-82 = B- 78-79 = C+ 73-77 = C 70-72 = C- 68-69 = D+ 63-67 = D 60-62 = D- Below 59%= E Learning Activities/Grading Details
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JOURNAL ENTRIES: These entries are reflective of your reading and screening experiences, which should be thoughtful explorations of the issues of genre the class focuses on (and that Altman is writing about, in most cases), They should be more than “stream of consciousness” with some coherent form, clear definitions and –if possible—film examples. Two pages, double
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rr - COURSE SYLLABUS TMA 492 Film Genre The Musical Winter...

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