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http://www.weeklyscript.com/Signs.txt 1 of 94 8/16/08 11:39 PM "SIGNS" by M. Night Shyamalan FADE IN: INT. WINDOW - MORNING We are looking out a second story window of a house. The backyard is large and green with a wooden jungle gym, worn from use. A single tree throws shade onto a barbecue and a picnic table. The backyard is lined by crops. Corn. Golden and brown. Six feet high. Everything is perfect. Like a postcard. And then we HEAR A CHILD SCREAM. IT'S FAR AWAY. WE DON'T KNOW WHERE IT'S COMING FROM. CUT TO: INT. BEDROOM - MORNING GRAHAM HESS wakes up from his sleep. He thought he heard something. He listens. HE HEARS THE HEATER. THE REFRIGERATOR DOWNSTAIRS HUMMING. THE OCCASIONAL BIRDS OUTSIDE CHIRPING. Graham climbs out of bed. He moves in his pajama pants and white Barron's minor league baseball T-shirt towards the bedroom door. CUT TO: INT. HALL LANDING - MORNING Graham stands in the hall landing where three bedroom doors meet. He moves to the door that has children's drawings taped to it. He puts his ear close. Listens. Beat. He relaxes. Graham leans down and picks up two balled up sweat socks and a child's sweater from the hallway floor. He puts it in the hallway hamper before heading back into his bedroom. CUT TO: INT. BATHROOM - MORNING A bathroom door is open. WE HEAR THE SINK RUNNING. WE HEAR THE SOUNDS OF TEETH BEING BRUSHED. Outside the bathroom on the bedroom wall is the sun faded outline of where a large CATHOLIC CROSS used to hang. It's ghostly stained forever on the blank wall.
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http://www.weeklyscript.com/Signs.txt 2 of 94 8/16/08 11:39 PM A CHILD SCREAMS FROM FAR AWAY. The water from the sink stops. Graham steps into the doorway. Toothbrush and foam in his mouth. He becomes very still. CUT TO: INT. CHILDREN'S BEDROOM - MORNING The bedroom door bursts open. Graham steps into his children's room. There are children's books everywhere. Overflowing off shelves. Piled in corners. Graham's eyes move to the small messy beds. They're both empty. CUT TO: INT. GARAGE BEDROOM - MORNING WE HEAR THE VOICES OF TWO CHILDREN NOW. THEIR SCREAMS FLOAT INTO A DARKENED BEDROOM OVER THE GARAGE. MERRILL HESS throws the bed sheets off himself as he swings onto his feet in one quick motion. He is hyper-awake. Merrill is in his late twenties. He is well build. His muscles are tense as he stands in his red bikini briefs and looks around bewildered. CUT TO: EXT. BACKYARD - MORNING Graham bangs open the back screen door and runs into the backyard. He spins as he looks around. Merrill, now with a T-shirt and jeans, rumbles down the side stairs adjacent to the garage building. Merrill and Graham make eye contact as they approach each other across the yard. MERRILL Where are they? Graham looks around -- panic growing in his eyes.
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m-12 - http:/www.weeklyscript.com/Signs.txt "SIGNS" by M....

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