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ll-1 - to the entire crew 2 Anticipate elements that...

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BREAKING DOWN A SCRIPT TOOLS FOR SCRIPT BREAKDOWN 1. Straight Edge (Ruler) 2. Colored Pencils 3. Pencil with eraser (or Pen with whiteout) STEPS TO SCRIPT BREAKDOWN 1. Re-read the script (or have read it within the last 48 hours) 2. Line the Script – Break the script into scenes use lines to divide scenes 3. If not already done number each scene consecutively in the script 4. Break each scene (or page) into page counts (1/8 sections of a page) 5. Identify specific elements in each scene NOTES ON SCRIPT BREAKDOWN 1. Ultimately the script breakdown is for you and your notes. Only you need to understand them. But, don’t forget that you will make your breakdown available
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Unformatted text preview: to the entire crew. 2. Anticipate elements that aren’t even in the script. Each department will breakdown the script for the specific elements that affect that particular department, but you need to be as specific as possible. Don’t let anything, small or large slip through the cracks. RED Cast – Speaking YELLOW Extras – Featured (Silent bits) GREEN Extras – Atmosphere LIME Props PURPLE Set Dressing ORANGE Stunts BLUE Special Effects PINK Vehicles/Animals BROWN Sound Effects AQUA Music CIRCLE Wardrobe ASTERISK Make-Up/Hair BOX Special Equipment UNDERLINE Notes...
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