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TMA 387 SYLLABUS ADVANCED PRODUCING / PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT WINTER 2011 4:00 – 6:50PM • MONDAY • F322 HFAC Instructor: Courtney Russell Class: courtneyar@comcast.net Phone: 801.319.1954 Required Texts Film Production Management, Third Edition by Sebastian Cleve The Complete Film Production Handbook, Fourth Edition By Eve Light Honthaner Ensign: Conference Edition Course Description TMA 387 is an in-depth study into the art of producing and production managing BYU student capstone projects and independent feature film. This class is designed to teach the practical application of the principles of producing and production management and the implementation of the associated skills relative to student capstone films and future participation in the production of independent feature films. Course Objectives Students will be able to Communicate effectively, appropriately and competently in a business environment Gain a specific understanding of the responsibilities of all key crew positions, how to determine which crew positions are necessary for a particular capstone project and how to develop specific job descriptions Gain a specific understanding and working knowledge of the responsibility of a film’s Producer/Unit Production Manager and its accompanying practical application Plan and pre-produce a capstone film, including budgeting, scheduling and all elements required to ready the film for production [shooting] Plan and participate in the process of production [shooting] and post-production on a capstone film Comprehensively break down a capstone and feature length script Develop essential questions and find their answers Problem solve Manage details Anticipate and prepare for the unexpected General Ideology Embody Christ, testify of Him by example If you are the Producer or UPM of a film, it is your job to get the film made Your binder is your friend – date everything, document everything, save everything Do not overcommit – it’s ok to say no. When you do make a commitment, honor it. Integrity is key. Be a good steward - of school or investor funds, time, equipment and other resources Be joyful, be cheerful, be generous Course Method This class will be a component of your education, teaching you to think, behave, and produce material in a professional manner. Professional behavior will be expected and required of you. Knowing what is expected of you as both a student and professional Producer/UPM is what you’ll be learning: understanding what the job requires, what specifically is expected of you, what you ought to expect from the crew [student or professional] in key positions on your project, understanding the process of making a film, and what timelines look like within that
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process. You’ll learn the principle of hard work, learning to admit error and taking responsibility for every aspect of
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