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1. Click the place in your text where you want to end one page numbering style and start another. 2. Click Page Layout > Breaks > Next Page (under the Section Breaks heading (see Figure 1 at right). 3. Click anywhere inside the document. 4. Click the Insert tab > Page Number > Format Page Number. 5. In the Page Number Format dialog box, set the appropri- ate Number Format (e.g., lower case Roman Numerals, as shown in Figure 2). 6. Also in the Page Number Format dialog box, set the Page Numbering value at the appropriate starting value (e.g., 1). 7. Click OK. 8. Click Insert > Page Number. 9. Click the appropriate number-location option > OK. That
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Unformatted text preview: inserts the page numbers and puts you into the Header/ Footer Design screen. 10. Click Close Header and Footer. 11. To get the system not to print the number on the first page of new sections, click Page Layout and then click the tiny arrow at the right of Page Setup title at the bottom of that section (see Figure 3). 12. In the Page Setup dialogue box, click the Layout tab, and then in the Headers and Footers section, click Different First Page. 13. Click OK. Thank you, Microsoft, for making this process so easy and intuitive!!!!! Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Paginating Different Document Sections in Word...
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