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Bus M 320—Career Preparation Winter 2011 Director: Brent Wilson Office: 460 TNRB Telephone: 422-5251 [email protected] Managing Director: Kristen McGregor Office: 460 TNRB Telephone: 422-3015 [email protected] Course Objectives: The Objectives of the Bus M 320 class are: To introduce you to the Marriott School To get you started on a Career Plan that will direct you toward your “first job” and your “future career” To provide skills that will help you in your job search To introduce you to all of the emphases and the opportunities that each one offers To provide abilities and research sources you can use to narrow down your interests for a future career To encourage pursuing steps to understand yourself and the requirements of careers you are considering To offer opportunities for feedback on resume’s and interview skills Required Materials: 1.”Boost your Interview IQ” by Carole Martin 2. Course syllabus 3. Online Resources Class Requirements: (see descriptions of each requirement) 1) Attend ALL class sessions. (There will be attendance quizzes throughout the semester) 2) Attend the Career Fair on Wednesday, January 26th and submit ½ page write-up on Blackboard. 3) Turn in an initial resume. Turn in a reworked resume (using Bill Brady’s principles) after it has been reviewed by 3 people. 4) Register on E-recruiting and upload a copy of your reworked resume to e-recruiting. 5) Read the book “Boost your Interview IQ” and submit ½ page write up 6) Participate in a Mock Interview 7) Turn in an Elevator Pitch write-up 8) “Career Plan and Industry Analysis” Paper 9) Class Survey on Blackboard 10) Turn in Attendance Sheet Grading: This class will meet every Thursday at 11:00am for 10 weeks. You must attend all sessions and ALL requirements must be completed in order to receive a passing grade.
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1. Session Schedule Attendance at all classes and the Career Fair is required Session #1 : The Quest: Internship 2011 Jan. 6 th , 2011 Session #2: Bill Brady’s Resume Lecture Jan. 11 th , 2011 ** Bring an initial draft of resume to class ** Session #3 : Marriott School--Welcome from the Dean Jan. 20 th , 2011 Session #4 : Career Plan and Industry Analysis Jan. 27 th , 2011 Career Fair—Jan. 26, 2011 from 10am-3pm Session #5: Career Advisors and Centers Feb. 3 rd , 2011 Session #6: Networking- Joseph Ogden Feb. 10 th , 2011 Session #7: Interviewing Feb. 17 th , 2011 Session #8: Faculty Explaining Emphases part 1 Feb. 24 th , 2011 Session #9: Breakout Sessions with professionals Mar. 3 rd , 2011 Place: TBA in rooms in TNRB Session #10: Final class and Faculty Explaining Emphases part 2 Mar. 10, 2011 2. Read the Syllabus The syllabus contains all of the policies and procedures for the program. It includes the class requirements, information on emphases, information on clubs and centers, and other useful information. 3.
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t-1 - Bus M 320Career Preparation Winter 2011 Director...

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