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311H Winter 2011 Literary Review and Annotated Bibliography Research Activity 3: (approx. 6 – 8 hours—so budget you time!) (Note: This is graded for quality) Task: Gather, read, and evaluate at least 8 background sources (sources covering the last 30 years of the scholarly conversation) and at least 8 contemporary sources (sources covering the last 5- 10 years, representing the current scholarly conversation). Annotate each source in an MLA formatted bibliography and write a literary review and critical response as introduction. Purpose of Assignment: This assignment will help (force) students to find, engage in, and enter the scholarly conversation. The assignment will help writers gather, read, and evaluate sources for their research project. Writers will learn to cite and annotate appropriately while critically integrating their research. The Nitty Gritty: Include all necessary MLA Formatting (Header, etc.) and then: 1. WORKING THESIS: After an appropriate title, put “Working Thesis” as a subheading at the top of your Literary Review and Annotated Bibliography. A “Working Thesis” is a thesis under construction and one that may change as you research but should still reflect an argument and direction. Working Thesis Example: Twentieth-Century American nature writing (such as . . . ) has been directly influenced and shaped by Henry David Thoreau. (Research tip: Instead of haphazardly scrambling for all sources that say anything about your topic,
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vv - 311H Winter 2011 Literary Review and Annotated...

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